• Labyrinth Minotaur

    Labyrinth Minotaur

    This hulking minotaur’s hooves are clad in imposing steel. The massive beast wears a heavy bronze mask that covers most of its face.
  • Shaggy Demodand

    Shaggy Demodand

    This toad-faced humanoid is bloated and swollen, with folds of obsidian skin hanging down beneath two immense bat wings.
  • Slimy Demodand

    Slimy Demodand

    This muscular, frog-headed humanoid has tattered flesh hanging from its batlike wings and is covered in a viscous slime.
  • Stringy Demodand

    Stringy Demodand

    This lanky humanoid is covered in layers of long, ropy skin growths that sway wildly from its body with each move.
  • Tarry Demodand

    Tarry Demodand

    This lithe, toothy creature's jet-black skin looks like living tar, and ooze drips from the claws that cap its long arms.